Interview with Audley Stephenson, Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada

From Embers To Excellence™

Oct 21 2022 • 58 mins

Audley Stephenson is the Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada) and has been an energetic ambassador since the league's inception in 2011. NBL Canada has the distinction of being Canada's longest running professional basketball league.

He held a variety of roles within the league before unanimously being appointed to the position by the board of directors in June 2022. Audley oversees all league/basketball day-to-day and game day operations as well as business development support.

Audley is also an experienced podcaster and currently produces and hosts "The Audacious Living Podcast" (his sixth one) where he sits down with a cross section of top-quality performers in business, media, sports, entertainment and lifestyle to uncover key elements to help listeners live their best audacious life ever.

He's also worked in the public service since 1996 with both the federal and provincial government in a variety of project management roles including but not limited to stakeholder management, negotiations, monitoring, supervision and leadership.

For learn more about Audley or to connect with him on social media, please visit his website here: