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Exclusive End Of Term Podcast With Exiting CRTC Chair & CEO Ian Scott: The Definitive Conversation
Jan 3 2023
Exclusive End Of Term Podcast With Exiting CRTC Chair & CEO Ian Scott: The Definitive Conversation
With nearly 3 decades of communications policy and regulatory experience under his belt, Ian Scott has quite a bit to say as he leaves his CRTC leadership post. Listen in as Scott asserts his “vision” for the Commission and what it truly means to serve the public interest.After completing his CRTC 5-year term on January 4th (2023), Scott doesn’t hold back on accomplishments such as narrowing the digital divide, consensus building, and the biggest challenges faced on the Canadian broadcasting and tele-communications fronts since 2017.Ian Scott, never a media-hound, is blunt and frank when addressing criticisms of his tenure… ever gracious… it is also a no-holds-barred conversation… including a few personal insights touching on the Zen of woodworking.Sticking to his guns on evidence-based decision-making, and unpacking controversies surrounding hot-buttons like the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) deliberations, bias favouring the Big Three telecom players (Bell, Rogers and Telus), the reasoning behind infrastructure-based outcomes, and tippling with Bell’s CEO, Mirko Bibic… one gets the strong impression that Ian Scott will be heard from again in due course… every exit being an entry somewhere else.Scott also has plenty to say about both Bill C-11 (Online Streaming Act) and Bill C-18 (Online News Act); about the stress inherent in Chairing the Commission; and, about why he prefers not to look at his CRTC tenure as leaving a personal legacy. This is a conversation deeply respectful of his colleagues and staff at the CRTC; and one softly lamenting the public’s lack of awareness regarding the importance of the CRTC’s 500 annual decisions and orders impacting the lives of all Canadians. In closing remarks, Ian Scott leaves an “imaginary letter” to the next Chairperson & CEO of the CRTC, Vicky Eastrides…Grab a coffee and settle in…See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at