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Michelle Rayburn

On Life Repurposed you’ll find practical biblical wisdom for everyday living and creative inspiration with your host Michelle Rayburn. Grow your faith, improve your relationships, discover your purpose, and reach your goals with topics to encourage you to find hope amid the trashy stuff of life.

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In this episode: A little bit of gratitude as we wrap up this podcast season. Plus three tips to keep your sanity over the holidays, and a free bonus.  (Article contains affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, I might receive a small commission from that purchase.) Inspired Life This is the last episode in season 4 of this podcast. Most of this season has been dedicated to featuring the stories from authors in the Life, Repurposed book. This episode drops on Thanksgiving day, so it’s appropriate to take some time to offer gratitude.   Gratitude:  Thank you, listeners, for downloading a record number of episodes this year. You have downloaded episodes more than 15,000 times!  Thank you to all who have joined the Life, Repurposed Facebook community since it launched earlier this year. We’re just starting to grow!  Thank you to my sister Becki who has been assisting virtually with getting show notes posted and social media posts added.   Thank you for leaving reviews and sending comments. I do this for you, sweet listener, and hearing from you lets me know I’m hitting the mark and fulfilling my mission.  Celebrations:  In March, I launched the Life, Repurposed book with 34 stories written by women who have experienced the power of transformation in their lives. These stories of grace, hope, and restored faith are making a difference. The book is available at retailers around the world, and is also on Audible too.   This fall, I won first place in two book awards and placed as a finalist in a third for my book Classic Marriage: Staying in Love as Your Odometer Climbs. I am thankful for this great honor. I’ll be featuring more content from that book in coming episodes. @import url(https://michellerayburn.com/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/css/front-flex.min.css); #pgc-w619f2e443ea49-0-0 { width:100%;width:calc(100% - ( 0 * 40px ) ) } #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0 , #pl-w619f2e443ea49 .so-panel , #pl-w619f2e443ea49 .so-panel:last-of-type { margin-bottom:0px } #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style, #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0.panel-no-style { -webkit-align-items:flex-start;align-items:flex-start } #panel-w619f2e443ea49-0-0-0> .panel-widget-style { padding:0px 20px 0px 20px } @media (max-width:780px){ #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0.panel-no-style, #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0.panel-has-style > .panel-row-style, #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0 { -webkit-flex-direction:column;-ms-flex-direction:column;flex-direction:column } #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0 > .panel-grid-cell , #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0 > .panel-row-style > .panel-grid-cell { width:100%;margin-right:0 } #pg-w619f2e443ea49-0 { margin-bottom:px } #pl-w619f2e443ea49 .panel-grid-cell { padding:0 } #pl-w619f2e443ea49 .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell-empty { display:none } #pl-w619f2e443ea49 .panel-grid .panel-grid-cell-mobile-last { margin-bottom:0px } #panel-w619f2e443ea49-0-0-0> .panel-widget-style { padding:10px 10px 10px 10px } } Life, Repurposed Opportunities:  I’m looking for episode sponsors for 2022. If you have a brand, business, podcast, book, or product you’d like to feature in a spot, please contact me about sponsorship rates. You can find a link in the show notes to contact me, or go to michellerayburn.com/sponsors  If you’re a friend of the show and would like to offset the cost of weekly production with a donation, you can use the “Buy Me a Coffee” button in the show notes.   With the Life, Repurposed book, I’ve been donating a portion of the royalties to Destiny Rescue to help with rescuing victims of human trafficking. If you’d like to contribute to the fundraiser with more donations, I invite you to check out http://go.destinyrescue.org/liferepurposed.  3 Tips to Keep Your Sanity Over the Holidays   This next month is a blur of activity for most of us. We don’t want to lose the momentum we’ve had over the last year, yet when we get busy, many of us tend to coast. And there are so many reasons to feel stressed.
Nov 25 2021
17 mins
Off the Sidelines and into the ActionOvercoming Anger Led to a Gospel-Centered Life