Overcome Rejection and Find Your Voice with Dr. Michele Wells, the Courageous Voice Coach

Ignite Your Power

Apr 15 2022 • 43 mins

In this episode the Courageous Voice Coach Dr. Michele R Wells share's how she overcame rejection, how to embrace your uniqueness, letting go of limiting mindsets, a practical way to declare your wins, strengthen your resilience and how you can know when it is time to use your voice.

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About Dr. Michele R. Wells

Dr. Michele R. Wells is the founder and CEO of Courageous Voice Academy, a program that assists professional women to develop a life plan, find their voice, and gain the confidence to pursue leadership; not only to lead in their career, but to TAKE the lead in their life!

Dr. Wells is a tenured professor who has served for 20 years in higher education. Dr. Wells has been a Program Director for accredited Social Work programs at both the Bachelor and Master’s level. She has a Master of Social Work and PhD in Organizational Leadership.

Dr. Wells is the mother of four and Nana to seven. She has authored a devotional journal "My Ramblings in the Silence" and is currently writing her newest book, "BOLD Voice," which teaches women how to communicate in courageous ways and empowers them to Lead in their life!