What Is The Enneagram? Enneagram Coach Paula Hollingsworth

Ignite Your Power

Jun 1 2022 • 39 mins

In this episode you will listen to a conversation with certified Enneagram Coach Paula Hollingsworth where she will share insights into the benefits of the Enneagram, descriptions of the nine personality types, resources and more.

A little bit about Paula Hollingsworth:

My daughter introduced me to two new things that have changed my life. The first was CrossFit—I’m sure you’ve heard enough about that if you know anyone who does it. The second was the Enneagram. Since my background is in psychology, I was interested. When I looked at the Enneagram and read the names of the types, I immediately thought I was the Peacemaker—who doesn’t want to be a 9, the sweetheart of the Enneagram? At the same time I started listening to podcasts and learning all of my family members types, and I began to dig deeper into my type. After some searching, I discovered I was the Perfectionist or Type 1—I’ve decided I prefer the term “Improver.”

Since wrestling with my type, I have come to love the Enneagram and the ways it improves the lives of those around me. I began incorporating it into my professional work as a counselor in my local church. In addition to completing my Masters in Biblical Counseling, I used my passion for the Enneagram to further my journey in walking alongside others through transformation. As a Certified Enneagram Coach, I want to partner with you in taking your next step.

You can find her on instagram: Paula Hollingsworth
Facebook: Paula HollingsworthEnneagramcoach
Website: www.paulahollingsworth.com

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