Episode 86: Why Postpartum Midwifery is Vital to Healing - With Serena Saeed-Winn

Fourth Trimester: The first months and beyond

May 27 2023 • 46 mins

In a world where postpartum care is often overlooked, postpartum midwifery care offers a valuable service to families. This primer on midwifery is a must for anyone looking to learn more about how a midwife works with moms and families. A common successful plan looks like this: hospital birth, birth doula present alongside doctor, go home, postpartum midwife plus postpartum doula care during first 30/60/90 days. Listen to learn more! Special offer: Enter code 4TRI to get 10% off all birth prep workshops and lactation consultations and $100 off postpartum packages. https://www.thekazproject.com/about-4 Show notes, links and more: https://fourthtrimesterpodcast.com/