Media Supply Chain: Chris Fetner, Entertainment Globalization Association and Roger Crothers, BBC Wales

The IBC Podcast

Feb 17 2021 • 47 mins

This episode features:

  • Chris Fetner, former Netflix exec and now executive director of the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA), a body for companies that provide dubbing, subtitling and audio description services. Fetner speaks about the challenges faced by localisation firms, the origin of the EGA and how the trade body plans to raise the profile of localisation.
  • Roger Crothers, head of technology at BBC Wales, explains how the BBC went about building its new IP-based broadcast centre in Cardiff. Crothers, who is now focusing on reskilling the engineering team to ensure they are equipped to support an IP broadcast operation, will speak about the changes the challenges of shifting to ST2110 and the impact on the broadcaster’s workflows.

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