A Practice: Dr. Richard Davidson on Developing Awareness

With & For / Dr. Pam King

May 6 2024 • 7 mins

  • We reflect on our motivation for doing the practice.
  • We attempt to frame the practice from the idea that practicing is altruistic - helping ourselves and others.
  • Bring into your mind and heart someone you know and love.
  • Consider their difficulties.  As we breathe in, we practice removing their difficulties, and as we breathe out, we extend our love and our wishes for that person to be happy and free of suffering.
  • Dedicate the practice - any insight or benefit to the wellbeing and welfare of others.
  • Reflect on how a simple practice like this in our lives can be cultivated for the benefit of others.

Listen to the full episode. S1: E3 Cultivating a Healthy Mind: The Neuroscience of Awareness, Connection, Insight, & Purpose with Dr. Richie Davidson. Here Dr. Davidson guides you through an awareness practice.

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