s01e20: 2021 Themes and Trends in Enrollment Management

Leading Improvements in Higher Education with Stephen Hundley

Apr 20 2021 • 52 mins

This episode discusses 2021 themes and trends in Enrollment Management.  Our guests are Boyd Bradshaw, Reggie Hill, and Joan Hope.

Boyd is Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Enrollment Management Officer at IUPUI.  Reggie is Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment at University of the Ozarks.  Joan is Editorial Director at Wiley, and, in this capacity, serves as Editor of Enrollment Management Report, a monthly periodical with a national readership.

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Episode recorded:  March 2021.  Host:  Stephen Hundley.  Producers:  Chad Beckner, Caleb Keith, and Shirley Yorger.  Original music:  Caleb Keith.  This podcast is a service of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis; learn more at assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.