3D IC Front-End Architecture


Mar 23 2022 • 22 mins

For 3D IC to achieve its full potential there is a need to utilize cost-effective front-end design approaches. This is because different microarchitectures will result in different physical sizes, power performance, and cost of production. One of the solutions that have been successfully deployed is the high-level predictive analysis which helps in figuring out optimal architectures for specific cases.

In this episode, John McMillan interviews Anthony Mastroianni, the 3D IC Solutions Architect Director at Siemens Digital Industries Software. And, Gordon Allan, Product Manager for Verification IP Solutions at Siemens EDA. They’ll help us understand 3D IC front-end aspects and the latest developments in this field.

In this episode, you’ll learn how predictive analytics can be utilized to make 3D IC design faster and cheaper. You’ll also learn what 3D IC front-end design involves and the best way of approaching it. Additionally, you’ll hear about what Siemens is doing to contribute towards making the design process more efficient.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The role of predictive analytics in the front-end design of 3D IC (03:03)
  • How 3D IC packaging should be approached (08:35)
  • The design aspects enabled by 3D IC (12:06)
  • What Siemens is doing to help in front-end 3D IC design (14:50)

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