Holding Onto Yourself | Ep #77

Heal from Infidelity

Feb 25 2022 • 32 mins

Do you have moments (or days, or weeks) where you feel small, invisible and not at all like “yourself?” As flawed humans, it can be very easy to lose ourselves when faced with conflict yet learning the art of holding onto ourselves is what will help us move forward the most.

In this episode, you’ll learn what it means to hold on to yourself and why this is a game-changer for healing relationships. Instead of deferring to your spouse to let you know who you are and if you are okay, you’ll learn how to validate and strengthen yourself.

Whether you are single or married, this is a vital skill to learn (and one that takes a lifetime of practice). Taking steps toward holding on to yourself will give you peace, clarity and forward motion now, whether he is coming with you or not.

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