Motivation Monday Game Plan - Impact Others - #690

Coach John Daly - Coach to Expect Success - Podcasts

Jul 18 2022 • 7 mins

Saw a great post from Alan Stein Jr., which simply read:  "Leaders aim to serve, not please.  They aim to impact, not impress."  Something for us to latch onto and take with us into life.  Remember, we are all leaders - as we lead ourselves every day of our lives.  We also influence others more than we know.   Thanks for listening.  Please take a few moments to subscribe & share this with someone, also leave a 5 Star rating on Apple Podcasts and ITunes or other services where you find this show.  Find me on Facebook:   on Twitter:  @coachtosuccess   and on Instagram at:  @coachjohndaly  - My YouTube Channel is at: Coach John Daly.   You can also head on over to and get in touch with me there on my homepage along with checking out my Top Book list too.  Other things there on my site are being worked on – especially my blog page where I am back to blogging now.