The Far Middle

Nick Deiuliis

Tune in weekly to Nick’s Far Middle Podcast. Episodes 1-14 walk through Nick’s thoughts on his book, The Leech, chapter by chapter. Hear his perspective on how the book came to be, expanded thoughts on key topics in the book, the interconnectivity of themes, and how many of the troubling trends in The Leech dominate life today. Subsequent episodes of the Far Middle podcast will cover a range of timely and interesting topics spanning business, energy, sports, culture, politics, and policy. Each installment of the Far Middle podcast will offer the listener an entertaining stroll through a variety of subjects that Nick will tie together in a common theme at episode’s end. Never predictable, but always engaging, the Far Middle is a must-listen for those looking for straight talk in a world of facade.
The Times They Are A-Changin’: From Pro Athletes to DylanCollisions Between Bad Government Policy and the Real WorldAnalyzing America’s 62% CrisisLA Observations of Negative and Positive Liberties (Part II)Ode to and Observations of LA (Part I)Six Simple Things to Improve Economy, Culture and SocietyConnections: Legitimate vs Red Herring 'Code Reds' for HumanityConnections of Elite Reality: Campus Casualty to China Forces Fiction to Inflation/Shortages for AllConnections: Washington D.C. to Biden’s Incompetency to Fiscal Policy and Market BubblesConnections: Entitled Grads to Bezos Hypocrisy to China’s Fleecing of the U.S. and Czar KerryConnections: Bernie to the Academia Monster to Freedom of ViewpointConnections: Afghanistan to Swanky Doors to Culture Wars to American PrideOde to James Burke's ConnectionsConnecting Dots: NFL Preseason Stinks, MLB Ruining Team Legacies and Energy PolicyAuthor's NotesEpilogueJeff SachsBonoThe PopeCities