Bad Medicine

The Far Middle

Jan 31 2024 • 28 mins

The Far Middle episode 141 tips off with a sports dedication once again highlighting a great performer both on and off the field (or court).

Nick pays tribute to the great David Robinson, aka “The Admiral.” Nick reflects on the two-time NBA champion’s unique path to the Naval Academy, his time with the Spurs and the U.S. national team, and his commitment to education and supporting young people.

“David Robinson put his money and actions where his mouth was; you just don't get a better-quality person than David Robinson,” says Nick. “And if more of us are like him, it's a winning formula for the nation and society.”

Connecting from Robinson’s service in the Navy, Nick discusses America’s military today, who’s being told by our current leaders that climate change is America’s biggest threat. This sets up the episode’s primary focus, which is the continuing examination of his recent video series, “A Rational Thinker’s Guide to Climate Change and Related Policies.”

Nick expands upon his analysis in part two of the series, “Consequences of the Experts' Cures,” beginning with the significant carbon footprint of so-called “renewables,” from their supply chain to installation. Their misunderstood, or perhaps ignored, life cycle carbon footprints are arguably the foundational flaw of the experts’ climate “cures.”

The bad medicine, which is those cures, will have materially worse impacts on economies and quality of life for citizens across the globe than the actual symptoms of climate change, whether legitimate, manufactured, or imagined, explains Nick.

The ignored carbon footprints of wind, solar, electric vehicles, and batteries underpin why the consequences are not going to be positive by pursuing the medicine or cures that the experts and the elites have prescribed.

Nick next connects to how the experts’ cures are driving inflation and destabilizing the geopolitical map. Nick examines the aggression by Russia, China, Iran, Hamas, Venezuela, and others that are rooted in energy policy. Moreover, Nick calls out the hypocrisy of the “experts” who refuse to practice what they preach.

In closing, Nick offers a great tribute to “the first president of the United States to enjoy rock star status.” Who was that president? Well not Obama or JFK. Press play to discover who, and rock on.