Episode 31 - Luke & Josh (Pupil Slicer)

Too Old For This Pit

Mar 4 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

This time we're joined by Luke and Josh, two thirds of brutal UK metal outfit Pupil Slicer.

They're lovely lads too, which adds to our theory that the nastiest, heaviest bands are always the most pleasant people you can ever chat to. While we do have a chat about their musical influences, YouTube reaction videos and their upcoming record, we also spent a hefty amount of time discussing which animal has the best eyeballs. Standard.

Before Luke and Josh jump in, it's all about Center Parcs, velvetising (which sounds rude but isn't) and identifying adult-only snacks. We also decide to go head-to-head with Logan Paul and KSI with our new drink, Past It's Prime.