How Evolution convinced a Surgeon of God’s Existence | Dr Adeel Bajwa | AHI #6

Al Hakam Inspire Podcast

Jun 2 2022 • 38 mins

Our guest is Dr Adeel Bajwa, a consultant colorectal and general surgeon, cancer lead, working in the NHS. Dr Adeel Bajwa has also co-hosted the ‘Science Hour’ on the Voice of Islam Radio and has been studying the link between religion and science since his endeavours in his medical field.

We discuss how science and religion are not at odds through the lens of evolution from an Islamic perspective.

Science Hour  @Voice of Islam Radio

#science #religion #God

00:00 - Introduction

00:48 - Clash between religion & science

03:28 - Evolution & atheistic dogma

06:29 - How does Evolution theory link with religion?

09:22 - Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad & Revelation and Rationality

10:08 - Atheists, Neo-Darwinian theory & challenges

13:21 - Evolution of the Eye & Darwinian Evolution

16:29 - Islam & Evolution

18:50 - What is 'randomness'?

20:23 - Patterns in nature & intelligent design

22:56 - Science & religion go hand-in-hand

24:03 - The Holy Quran & Science

26:33 - Dr Adeel's journey in religion

30:04 - Finding God takes effort!

34:26 - Atheistic arguments are not be feared

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