New Reflections

Dr. Adam Rubinstein

New Reflections features a variety of all things aesthetic. From skin care products to treatments with injections to surgical options we’ll discuss anything and everything in the world of aesthetics, health and beauty. Learn about all the latest and greatest offerings as Dr. Rubinstein explains the good, the bad, and the soon to be not so ugly, based on years of experience. Each week we will discuss things that are new and in the news. Timely interesting discussions will include what’s hot and what’s not in skin care and cosmetic procedures. We will have live, on air virtual consultations where each week a patient will submit photos that will be available for you to view via a link on the website. We will talk about the patient’s goals and Dr. Rubinstein’s recommendations. We wrap up each week’s program with featured guests who come from a wide variety of interests and offerings.

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Heal Thyself! Scar Treatments
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