208 Sibling Strife - Help for the Pestering Child & the Tattle Tale

Practically Speaking Mom: Intentional Mom, Strong Family

Nov 13 2023 • 23 mins

If you have multiple children at your house, you probably have experienced one sibling intentionally irritating another sibling, maybe pestering them, causing them unhappiness on purpose, possibly even bullying. What do we do about this? We're going to talk about it today in episode 208, right here on the Practically Speaking Mom Podcast. It's the place for intentional moms to build a strong family. I'm Val Harrison, your mom friend for the journey.
Ever felt overwhelmed when your kids come to you with stories of sibling irritations, and you're unsure of how to handle it? Buckle up, as we bring you an enlightening episode dedicated to handling sibling bullying and pestering. Find strategies to help the child who is doing the pestering, and strategies to help the one who is being pestered. Get to the heart of these sibling dynamics, helping you decode the stories your kids bring to you, without labeling them as tattlers.
Our exploration doesn't stop there; we tap into the five Rs - reflection, regret, repentance, refinement, and restoration for your CHILD, powerful tools to help your children understand their actions toward their siblings. We put the spotlight on the kids who might be causing disharmony, identifying the root cause of their behavior to channel their energy positively and build better habits.

Prepare for a power-packed journey of building stronger families.

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