Breaking Free from Slavery Consciousness

The Human Potential Podcast

Jan 2 2024 • 58 mins

Special Guest: Leah Steele -

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Welcome to a riveting episode where Haider Rathor engages in a profound conversation with an extraordinary guest—an entrepreneur and conscious creator who not only boasts seven-figure businesses but also delves into liberating individuals from what she terms "slavery consciousness."

Our guest views "slavery consciousness" as a profound lens through which societal structures are examined, emphasizing the unfortunate reality of individuals being born into systems that treat them as compliant commodities. The discussion unravels the impact of financial slavery consciousness, exploring its roots and strategies to deconstruct the programming that keeps people ensnared in limiting belief systems.

As the conversation unfolds, the focus expands to the broader concept of human potential. The podcast aims to equip listeners with actionable tools to navigate and transform their lives. The guest sheds light on the power of creation in shaping one's reality, highlighting mindset work, meditation, and journaling as essential components for stepping into the highest expression of self.

Venturing into the exploration of resources, the podcast delves into how individuals are manipulated and controlled in relation to money. The shift from a money-based resource reality to a holistic view of resources—time, energy, and money—is discussed, urging listeners to reconsider their relationship with wealth and abundance.

Practical steps for breaking away from the chains of slavery consciousness are presented, encouraging self-reflection, emotional clearing modalities, and the deconstruction of limiting beliefs. The guest introduces a personal emotional clearing modality called "emotional resonance clearing," designed to address and clear emotional pathology from the body's organs and meridian systems.

The conversation takes a deeply personal turn as the guest shares her journey of making and losing millions of dollars multiple times. Raised by a single mom, she unveils how her early experiences shaped her pursuit of financial independence, resulting in both success and deep dissatisfaction. The realization of her misery prompted a spiritual reawakening, leading to the implosion of her successful businesses and a subsequent journey of rebuilding.

The episode concludes with a powerful reflection on ambition, achievement, and the pursuit of holistic wealth. The guest emphasizes aligning with core values, operating from a heart of service, and making choices rooted in integrity and congruence. The pursuit of peace, contentment, and genuine happiness emerges as the true essence of wealth.

Tune in for an inspiring and thought-provoking episode challenging conventional beliefs, encouraging self-discovery, and unveiling the path to conscious creation and abundance. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey!