E4 ”Circumnavigating France With Just His Thumb, pt. 2” - Do Not Try This At Home... It May Change Your Life

Eclectic Conversations

Aug 13 2021 • 24 mins

Drew lands in Paris after leaving his comfort zone in Holland and is taken aback by the culture shock. In the middle of the night he sets off to find a place to sleep for the night.  Finally choosing the doorstep of a complete stranger's home before moving to the floor of a business center. After several frightful interactions, Drew finds his way to the cheapest place to stay in France that gives him a seemingly life-altering choice. In this episode, you'll realize the significance of showing kindness and generosity to other human beings, and the huge impact it can have. Stay tuned to learn about the life lessons that Drew received from a Greek Rastafarian, who saved his life with the strum of a guitar. After this episode, you'll be sure to look for the "current" that everyone desires!