Jack Johnson - Prayer

TheoDisc Podcast

Jul 5 2023 • 35 mins

In this episode, Jack and Kenny go on an exploration of prayer and how our understanding of the nature, attributes, and character of God gives ground to our efforts in prayer. Happy listening!

Episode 18 Outline:
  • Start-01:31 - Introduction.
  • 01:31-04:25 - Welcome to Jack and 3 questions.
  • 04:25-14:28 - You quote Evagrius Ponticus, who says: "If you're a theologian, you truly pray; if you truly pray, you're a theologian." What then is the connection between our understanding of God (our theology) and our prayer life? Why has the work you've done on prayer been important to you? What are the different types of prayer and their implications?
  • 14:28-29:20 - When we expect God to act on our prayers, specifically through petition or lament, what are the underlying theologies within our expectations? What are we getting into when we're asking God to respond to our prayers? What are some of the implications?
  • 29:20-32:35 - What does it mean for God to be omniscient and for us to have a will, in a practical sense, for us to pray?
  • 32:35-End - Closing prayer and further information.