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Hello and Welcome to The Marketing Procurement Podcast. I'm your host, Magid Souhami, homegrown Marketing Procurement leader who turned into President of a global business. My career in Marketing Procurement started 15 years ago, at a time when this discipline was still largely unknown. 15 years later, I'm surprised to see how much Marketing Procurement has gone mainstream and yet remains unchartered. So I decided to create this podcast to better codify Marketing Procurement for you and with you. Here you will discover, learn, or deepen your expertise in this discipline. This podcast has what you're looking for; if you're a Marketing Procurement leader, aiming at training and developing your teams while making the function more attractive; if you're working with Marketing Procurement people on a cross-functional team or at an agency and want to get the most out of this working relationship; or simply if you're an intern, student, or junior buyer, wondering how to build a successful career in Marketing Procurement. I will alternate weekly episodes sharing my insights and recommendations, others interviewing guests who are subject matter experts. We will discuss hot topics and won't shy away from controversial questions such as is Marketing Procurement different than the rest of procurement? Do Marketing Procurement leader has sufficient resources to meet the ever-growing needs of their stakeholders? Or should there be a specific Marketing Procurement certification to guarantee an up-to-date skillset for its practitioners? So if this sounds interesting, please subscribe to the podcast and listen to the first episodes; we'll embark together on this journey to better codify Marketing Procurement.

14. Empathy to enhance Marketing Procurement and agency-client relationship post Covid.13. Mike Lander from Piscari, Creating win-win deals with  Marketing Procurement12. Ivan Pollard, global CMO at General Mills on the symbiotic relationship between Marketing and Procurement.
What’s a CMO point of view on Marketing Procurement? How best-in-class collaboration looks like between Marketing and Procurement? What are the most important things to consider to establish a symbiotic relationship? Why Procurement ought to be a strategic differentiator for Marketing in achieving its business goals?This episode explores the multifaceted topic of collaboration between Marketing, Procurement and Agencies. Marketing Procurement can help delivering against business goals “Faster, Smarter, Better, Cheaper” quote Ivan. There’s a need to balance wisely times to play as one team with Marketing and times to leave room for each functional experts to decide. This episode completes the series of Marketing Procurement viewed through the stakeholders eyes. It shares nuggets of wisdom to enhance business goals achieved in collaboration between  Marketing, Procurement and Agencies. The key advices are:- Everyone is accountable to deliver “Faster, Better, Cheaper”; Procurement’s leadership is key.- Balancing between team work and functional expertise is required.- It’s down to People and Culture to create the right environment where collaboration thrives. Rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Review & Subscribe. Feel free to invite others to join our Marketing Procurement Community. Take care of yourself and take care of each other.MAGID SOUHAMI LINKEDIN - https://www.linkedin.com/in/magid-souhami/IVAN POLLARD - https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/12/18/Meet-the-Global-Marketer-of-the-Year-2020-nominees-Ivan-Pollard-General-MillsLinks & references General Mills careers - https://careers.generalmills.com/careers/CMO introduction  Ivan Pollard - https://youtu.be/NTuUVlOARyoWFA https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/12/18/Meet-the-Global-Marketer-of-the-Year-2020-nominees-Ivan-Pollard-General-MillsWFA project spring - https://wfanet.org/leadership/project-spring
Feb 17 2021
34 mins
11. Maryl Adler from S4Capital MediaMonks on Agency demystifying Marketing Procurement
Feb 10 2021
31 mins
10. Paul Williams from Havas on Agency codifying Marketing Procurement9. Agency Relationship Management8. Knowledge is Power with Ohanes Missirilian7. Invest in yourself
How should you train to become an effective Marketing Procurement leader? Let’s turn year-end performance reviews into a great starting point to develop a robust training & development plan.We usually discuss weaknesses and areas of opportunities at the end of a business cycle. There’s an opportunity to better use these findings while shaping the type, frequency and intensity of training required. A good approach is to define the way to prioritize trainings; - some people like to close gaps focusing on their ‘weaknesses’ or ‘opportunity areas’- others prefer to disproportionately focus on further developing their strengthsHaving a clear definition of the ‘best version of yourself’ is key to define a training plan that leads you towards becoming who you want to be.This episode explores the topic of training in Marketing Procurement. It provides pragmatic tips & advice to define the that everyone can start using immediately. Rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Review & Subscribe. Feel free to invite others to join our Marketing Procurement Community. Take care of yourself and take care of each other.References & links:An insightful training roadmap to look for which core Marketing competencies to acquirehttps://mba.marketingweek.com/A framework to apply JBP - joint business plan between Marketing and Marketing Procurementhttps://www.accenture.com/il-en/%E2%80%8B~/media/Accenture/Conversion-Assets/DotCom/Documents/Global/PDF/Industries_2/Accenture-Joint-Business-Planning.pdfMAGID SOUHAMI LINKEDIN - https://www.linkedin.com/in/magid-souhami/
Jan 13 2021
8 mins
6. Laura Forcetti from World Federation of Advertisers on Needs, Gaps & Trends
What are the needs, gaps and trends for Marketing Procurement to realize it potential bright future? My guest for this discussion is Laura Forcetti. She’s global Marketing Sourcing lead at the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). We will discuss what’s top of mind for the Marketing Procurement professionals. What’s the state of their relationship with other functions inside their companies? How are they perceived by agencies and external partners? Laura has been shepherding several cross-industries efforts to enhance capabilities of the discipline worldwide. She interacts daily with some of the finest Marketing Procurement leaders worldwide. This episode explores the many opportunities and challenges facing Marketing Procurement. It provides actionable tips & advice to define the that everyone can start using immediately. Rate (5 stars) on Apple Podcasts, Review & Subscribe. Feel free to invite others to join our Marketing Procurement Community. Take care of yourself and take care of each other.References & links:Learn more about the Global Sourcing Board: https://wfanet.org/sourcingboardLearn more about Project Spring (free download): www.wfanet.org/projectspringSupplier diversity: top tips from the Global Sourcing Board: https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/11/27/Sourcings-diversity-powerSustainability & procurement: https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/09/15/Sustainability-and-procurementWFA 10 predictions for 2021: https://wfanet.org/knowledge/item/2020/12/15/10-Predictions-for-2021Contact details: Laura Forcetti, Marketing Sourcing, Global Lead, l.forcetti@wfanet.orgLAURA FORCETTI LINKEDIN - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauraforcetti MAGID SOUHAMI LINKEDIN - https://www.linkedin.com/in/magid-souhami/
Jan 6 2021
28 mins
5. Sharpen your Skills4. Tips to close 2020 with purpose & set intentions for 20213. Extinction or Revolution of Marketing Procurement ?2. The outcast of the procurement family?1. Self-Made Marketing Procurement LeaderWelcome to The Marketing Procurement Podcast with Magid Souhami