7. Invest in yourself

The Marketing Procurement Podcast

Jan 13 2021 • 8 mins

How should you train to become an effective Marketing Procurement leader?

Let’s turn year-end performance reviews into a great starting point to develop a robust training & development plan.

We usually discuss weaknesses and areas of opportunities at the end of a business cycle. There’s an opportunity to better use these findings while shaping the type, frequency and intensity of training required.

A good approach is to define the way to prioritize trainings;
- some people like to close gaps focusing on their ‘weaknesses’ or ‘opportunity areas’
- others prefer to disproportionately focus on further developing their strengths

Having a clear definition of the ‘best version of yourself’ is key to define a training plan that leads you towards becoming who you want to be.

This episode explores the topic of training in Marketing Procurement. It provides pragmatic tips & advice to define the that everyone can start using immediately.

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Take care of yourself and take care of each other.

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