Episode 178: Guns, Lions & Mausoleum... Oh My!

GBW Podcast

Feb 8 2022 • 4 hrs

If you would've told us that between episodes we'd watch some movies that are so over-the-top and bizarre, we'd possibly have called you a liar - but, no, we did just that!

This time out we have Sylvester Stallone donning some cool shades, a group of teens desperately trying to see The Beatles, a hot air balloon movie that asks you to "float" (it'll all make sense, trust us), one of the craziest and irresponsible animal films EVER made, a stone-cold noir classic, a 1983 horror flick that delivers the over-the-top goods, Josh finishing off the H.G. Lewis box set, Chris checking out Sean Baker's latest RED ROCKET and so much more!

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