Our Rescue Dog Bit Me In The Face

Leerburg Dog Training Podcast

Mar 13 2023 • 10 mins

In this episode, Ed Frawley shares a question from the Ask Cindy database.  Today's question focuses on reactive and aggressive rescue dogs and how to properly manage a new rescue dog in the home. | Links mentioned: FREE - How We Manage Dogs In Our Home - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/14 | FREE - From The Rescue To The Home  - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/46 | Kuranda Beds: https://leerburg.com/kurandabeds.htm | Leashes: https://leerburg.com/leashes.htm | Muzzles: https://leerburg.com/muzzle.htm | How To Measure Your Dog for a Muzzle: https://leerburg.com/flix/player.php/849/Muzzle_Sizing | FREE with Purchase of Any Muzzle from Leerburg - Conditioning Your Dog to a Muzzle - Online Course: https://university.leerburg.com/Catalog/viewCourse/cid/150  | Dog Crates: https://leerburg.com/crate.htm