The L&D Challenges Podcast

Assemble You

Welcome to the L&D Challenges podcast series. If you are in Learning and Development, HR, Talent, or Organisation Development, this is the podcast for you. The L&D Challenges podcast is a candid look at L&D today. It focuses on real-life practitioners solving real issues in learning and staff development. In Series 1, we interview ten L&D movers and shakers who shared with us how they think about engagement and impact with their learning interventions. The guests in this first series range from senior L&D professionals at global corporates like Ricoh, Continental, and EDF to solo L&D practitioners in fast-growing organisations. Each tackles the problem of how we best train and retain talent and maximise the business impact of L&D. We thought we’d get a few friendly tips and tricks from these interviews about increasing engagement in learning and measuring impact. In reality, we learned so much more and think you will too. read less