Insights into Adolescence - Part 2 of 4

Old Ladies Know Stuff with Rhonda Stoppe & Friends

Aug 31 2022 ā€¢ 18 mins

This episode is Part 2 of a Four Part Message. Listen to discover the secret that changed the trajectory of my life. And I know it will do the same for you!

Note: I apologize for the abrupt intro/outro. This episode picks up in the midst of the story that began in Episode 1. I'm still learning the technical stuff. But if I wait until I'm dialed in I'd probably never actually publish a show šŸ˜Š Thanks for your patience, friends.

Listen to Part 1 in:  Season 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1 Review:

  • You're not alone
  • You're in good company
  • You can do this!

QUOTE: "Your children aren't an imposition on your ministry, they are your ministry"

Episode 3


  • Hope for Prodigals
  • People Pleasing isn't Pleasing
  • Tools to Your Son's Autonomy
  • Secrets to Raising Adolescent Sons
  • Control Freaks Raise Freaks

Hope for Prodigals

STORY: The prodigal son Adonriam Judson. Listen to how God's miraculous providence brought about this young man's repentance. And became a missionary who led over 7,000 people to Christ.

People Pleasing isn't pleasing

QUOTE: "Never raise your kids for what people think of you or you will ruin them."
"Raising your kids for your own reputation makes us a glory stealer"

STORY: Luke Smallbone - For King & Country -  his mother's response to his poor behavior.

Tools to autonomy
Godly mentors will help you discern your motives because: Old Ladies Know Stuff

STORY: God sent the lion and bear to prepare David to fight the giant. His mom wasn't fighting his battles for him.


STORY: Charles and James Spurgeon's mother.

QUOTE:My mother is strong, compassionate and caring all in one. I probably owe all I am and have achieved to my mom, because when a man is loved by his mom he can end up doing great things. LUKE SMALLBONE - For King & Country

Secrets to Raising Adolescent Sons
Men Crave Respect.
Coming of Man rituals.

Control Freaks Raise Freaks

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