Jeff Tweedy

Norah Jones Is Playing Along

Sep 27 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

Jeff Tweedy is a musician, songwriter, author and frontman of the prolific band, Wilco. Norah joins Jeff in the studio to chat and play duo versions of 5 of her favorites songs of his, including ‘Jesus, Etc.,’ ‘Muzzle of Bees’ and ‘Sunken Treasure’. They dive into how he’s made music a family pastime and writing the perfect set list. Norah & Jeff laugh about the time she got the words wrong to one of his most beloved songs in front of him, and they tackle the age-old question of ‘who’s career would you like to have?’ They revisit recent history and discuss how the pandemic impacted songwriting. In the end, the answer is simple: Love is the king! Recorded on 10/1/2021 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit