Episode 5: Naomi - Women of the Bible Series

Car Chat Podcast with Amy & Jamy

Jul 31 2023 • 51 mins

We love chatting in my car each month about one woman of the Bible. We recorded this episode about 3 weeks ago, but then I moved. And it has taken this long to get it set to share with you.  We pray the timing is exactly when you needed to hear it.

In this episode, we are talking about NAOMI! Her story is found in the book of Ruth. She is one of US. Who God was to her he is to you and me.

As we unpacked her story, we discovered 3 things about Naomi. She was:
1. a widow
2. bitter
3. redeemed

It is in her story that we see God moving through loss and grief and tragedy. We see him taking care of her even when she felt like she was fending for herself. We see him take her from a place of bitterness to a place of sweetness. Who he is to her, he is to you, my friend.

We hope our conversation encourages you!

Amy & Jamy

*Blog post Naomi: when life doesn't turn out like you had hoped

NEW (recently added) - - - - - ->>>> D I S C U S S I O N  Q U E S T I O N S
We've had so much fun hearing your stories of connecting with these women in the Bible and each other. Some of you have gathered up your friends and created a small group around these podcasts, diving into God's word yourselves and joining into our conversation with your own.
As an added supplement to every episode, Jamy is writing discussion questions to use as a group in discussion or individually to process through in prayer with God.

Episode 5:  N A O M I  Discussion Questions
*See episode description in the show notes. Review Ruth 1-4 for her story.

1. What did you learn for the first time about Naomi? What surprised you about her story with God?

2. When God disappoints you, what is your go-to way to cope? How has bitterness been a temptation for you?

3. Have you ever been disappointed by a mentor who struggles or loses faith? What can we learn from Ruth when we are in this situation?

4. How do you define your identity? How should you define your identity?

5. Review the three descriptions of Naomi from the podcast and discuss which one resonates the most with you:

· Widow

· Bitter

· Redeemed

6. “Naomi is one of us. Who God is to her, He is to me.” Who was God to Naomi? What does that mean to you in your life today?