#41 - Building a Cybersecurity Career & Pandemic Security Gaps - Tony Jarvis

Tech Lead Journal

Jun 7 2021 • 59 mins

“Back when work from home became suddenly virtually overnight, it was all about enabling the business to continue. A lot of this move was rushed out of necessity, but the focus was on speed. The focus was not on security. And security took a backseat."

Tony Jarvis is a CISO advisor and cybersecurity strategist who has advised Fortune 500 clients across the world and served as a thought leader within the industry. In this episode, Tony shared about the importance of network and Operating System knowledge in cybersecurity, the awareness of and attitude towards cybersecurity in enterprises, as well as the security gaps arising from the pandemic. Tony also shared his career journey, including his mid-career crisis, as well as some tips and wisdom for those who are interested in cybersecurity.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:04:24]
  • Networking and OS Knowledge Importance - [00:10:04]
  • Getting Started in Cybersecurity - [00:15:24]
  • Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks - [00:20:04]
  • Executive Awareness About Cybersecurity - [00:24:09]
  • Some Cybersecurity Tips - [00:29:24]
  • Security Gaps Due to Pandemic - [00:32:22]
  • Interesting Cybersecurity Case - [00:38:32]
  • Tony’s Mid-Career Crisis - [00:43:30]
  • Out-of-Comfort Zone Career Principle - [00:49:13]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:53:47]


Tony Jarvis’s Bio
Tony is passionate about educating audiences on the risks posed by modern cyber threats and advises business leaders as they undertake major cybersecurity transformation projects and initiatives. Having held a variety of leadership and advisory roles with recognisable brands such as Citrix, Check Point, FireEye, Standard Chartered Bank and Telstra, he has developed an acute understanding of how to successfully deliver cybersecurity engagements which strategically align with business objectives. He blends hands-on technical experience with a unique ability to distill complex ideas into language that resonates with all stakeholders, recognising that security is best addressed holistically, from the C-suite to frontline workers.

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