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Mickie Hayes

Welcome to College, Disabilities, and Success where I help parents and teachers prepare high school students with disabilities for academic success by breaking barriers in the college classroom. Parents and teachers get my insider's look at the Disability Services Resource Centers found on college campuses. As a former college Learning Disability Specialist and LD high school teacher, I will help you understand both sides of Disability Services. Do you understand the role of Disability Services at the college? Do you understand the changes with FERPA and student privacy? IDEA and ADA? How will your child get accommodations? How will your child make an accommodation request? How does your child handle problems with accommodations? How do documentation guidelines change in college? What are your child's study skills goals and study skills for test taking? What will be your child's relationship with the college professors? You'll find those answers and more here!

#76 Building a College Schedule That Works!
Aug 10 2022
#76 Building a College Schedule That Works!
Heading to college for the first time is daunting, and creating your schedule for the first time is even more challenging.  What classes do you need?  Which ones should you take now? Are you working around family needs or job schedules?  Online or on campus?  Early morning or evening classes?  Breaks or no breaks?   Math now or math later?  Prerequisite or Co-requisite classes?  What is an academic plan and do you need one, and why are advisors so important? Today we address those scheduling questions and what you need to know to make those schedules work for you.  You will also look more closely at the relationship between online and on-campus classes for students with disabilities and learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of class.  You will also hear about the specific advantages of online classes for students with disabilities as shared by Karen Powell Sears in her article "5 Ways Online Learning Benefited Some Students."5 Ways Online Learning Benefited Some StudentsHOT OFF THE PODCAST! Get your weekly podcast episode delivered to your email College & Disabilities: 9 Changes from High School Every Parent Should Know VIDEO COURSE College & Disabilities & Success – Introduction and Overview of the Course (8 min)Chapter 1 What’s Different Between High School and College? (15 min)Chapter 2 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (17 min)Chapter 3 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (12 min)Chapter 4 Financial Aid (FAFSA) (11 min)Chapter 5 Meeting the Disability Specialist (19 min)Chapter 6 Documentation and Accommodations (39 min)Chapter 7 Faculty Perspective (24 min)Chapter 8 Online Classes (30 min)Chapter 9 Self-Advocacy (29 min)Course Review