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Turning the Mic Around: Melissa joins The Executive Edge Podcast
May 10 2022
Turning the Mic Around: Melissa joins The Executive Edge Podcast
Another episode where we are turning the mic around. In this episode, Melissa joined Sue Firth on The Executive Edge. Here is the description she provided: In this episode, Melissa talks about what leadership looks like after the pandemic. She is a leadership coach who encourages business to bridge the gap between the executive team at the top and the rest of the business. She calls this ‘building an employee experience’.  Melissa and I discussed how she works with leaders so as to bridge this gap. There can be difficulties with the culture, the structure, or a generational issue. I asked if it was always expected that there is a gap and why. She believes she often finds trust issues, or employees who are mistrustful of the things that are said or done. Making promises and not keeping them is a classic mistake. The executive team can also make errors when they don’t live the values of their culture. Or they don’t appreciate that this ‘gap’ matters. Why is it so important to bridge this gap? The biggest reason is that people are coming to work and already dedicating hours of their time or effort for their jobs. Being paid is not the only motivator and many want to believe they are part of something. She’s coined a new phrase recently and called it ‘organisational gaslighting’. This refers to the way an organisation may say or suggest they will do something to get people through the door i.e. recruitment, but not then deliver. They behave in an entirely different way but expect the employee to stay. Reversing the decisions a business makes can be tricky too. It’s not that they make these errors intentionally, but ‘psychological safety’ is important. This is when an employee feels their feedback is welcomed and they can influence the decisions or choices that are made for them. This is particularly important if it refers to the direction the business is going and the expectations the top team have from their managers.  Support the show