The 1934 Kelayres Massacre: A Bloody Chapter in American Political History

Stephanie Hoover Has That Story

Aug 24 2020 • 17 mins

Politics has always had a dark side. But what happened in the small Pennsylvania mining town of Kelayres is downright evil. Five men were killed. Twenty-six men, women and children were injured. Perhaps the most shocking thing about the massacre is that so few people know about it today - even though there are startling similarities between today's fractured political climate and that violent day in Kelayres in 1934.

In this episode, Stephanie discusses the November 5, 1934 election eve murders that came to be known as the Kelayres Massacre. Much of the material comes from her book on the killings, The Kelayres Massacre: Politics and Murder in Pennsylvania's Anthracite Coal Country.

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