rhythmdevils modded Audeze Playlist

1What've I Done to Help2Overseas3I'm Going to Work On Maggie's Farm Forever4Graveyard Fields5Buttercup6Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes & Anaïs Mitchell)7Empress Rising (Instrumental)8Insanity9Straight Lines10Abating the Incarnation of Matter11The Power12Riddle of Steel13Gifted by the Wind14Days Like These15Burn the Witch16Poison Love17The Cure18Casting Glamours19The Limit20In My Secret Life (Live in London)21The Chain (2001 Remaster)22Sweet Thing (2013 Remaster)23The Obvious Child24Betty and Dupree25They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhh!26Gentle Storm27America28Doin' it Right29When I Die30Cold Water31Saying Goodbye32Meri Ankhon KO Bakhshee Hain Aansoo33I Seen What I Saw34DO YOU DOUBT ME TRAITOR35Dallas Beltway36Jubilate37Requiem: III. Requiem aeternam I38The Pull39Mouth of Sky40Age of Aquarius (Live)41Skaros (Live)42Do You Want It?43Alien Arms44This Is It45Si, Paloma46Glenn Tipton47I48Borderline49Theory of Mind (For Joe)50Central Park West51Equinox52A Prayer For53Defiant54Sun Ooze55Loop Back56A Maze57Everybody's Kissing Everyone58Under the Tree59Over The Ice60Lively Up Yourself61Mash Dem Down62December Poems63Symphonie Pacifique64Bloody Mary65The Pillars Of Baalbek66Dust & Spurs67Eulogy & Dark68When We Were Brand New69It Feels Like Floating70Eden