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On Big Red Canoe, the podcast from Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, we introduce you to captivating people and intriguing stories from America's treasured wilderness, covering a wide range of recreational topics. The podcast features scientists, political figures, wilderness and outdoor recreation experts to help you experience new aspects of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the most visited wilderness in the United States. For over 45 years, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness has connected people, communities and the wilderness. Our purpose is to inspire more people to connect with the pristine beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and preserve this priceless place in perpetuity. The Friends work to protect the wilderness from toxic copper-sulfide mines, introduce a new generation to the wonders of canoe country and share recreational resources on canoeing, camping and hiking trips.

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Clearing the Way with Michelle Kwan
Mar 30 2023
Clearing the Way with Michelle Kwan
When many of us think of the Boundary Waters, we think about paddling and portaging. But there area number of ways to experience the Wilderness, including recreational hiking. In this episode, we meet Michelle Kwan, who went on her first Boundary Waters trip in an even more unique way - as a volunteer doing trail clearing work. For Michelle, this turned out to be life-changing experience.In this episode Michelle shares her story about connecting to the Boundary Waters through trail-clearing, and the logistics of a trail clearing trip. Then she goes much deeper, sharing her observations on being a person color in the wilderness, discussing issues of access and why more BIPOC people aren’t visiting the Boundary Waters, and how she's working to change that.After participating on several trips and recruiting several people to join her, Michelle is now leader her own trail clearing trips. She wants to continue to develop her skills, - including creating unique, flavorful Asian-inspired camping meals,  and continuing her work to guide more people and inspire them to venture out to wild places.  Inspired? Sign up for a trail clearing trip! for more information and resources from this episode. Website:https://www.friends-bwca.orgFacebook: