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Financial and retirement planning guidance from Kansas City‘s Scott Dougan of Elevated Retirement Group. Scott Dougan founded Elevated Retirement Group in 2003 in order to fill a niche he felt was not being addressed properly in the retirement planning environment – helping retirees and pre-retirees in the Kansas City metro area find answers to issues that may affect the quality of life during their retirement. Scott is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and holds a Series 65 Investment Adviser Representative license, which holds him to the fiduciary standard. He also holds insurance licenses in Kansas, Missouri and other states. read less


Embracing the Unexpected: 9 Retirement Surprises Unveiled
Apr 18 2024
Embracing the Unexpected: 9 Retirement Surprises Unveiled
Are you prepared for the unexpected turns your retirement might take? In this episode of Your Retirement Elevated Podcast with Scott Dougan, we explore the surprising findings from a study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. The study reveals a stark contrast between pre-retiree expectations and retiree realities, and we're here to explore the nine most common retirement surprises that await. One of the most comforting surprises is that many retirees worry less about money than they anticipated. It seems that once the retirement plan kicks into action, the stress over finances begins to wane. This is a heartening revelation for those lying awake at night fretting over their financial future. The takeaway from our episode is clear: retirement requires planning, flexibility, and an open mind. Whether it's adjusting travel plans or having those tough financial conversations, being prepared for the unexpected is key to a fulfilling retirement.   Here are some of the questions we’ll tackle in this episode: - Why do retirees worry less about money and how does planning play a role? - What causes many to retire sooner than expected and how abrupt is the transition? - How does the reality of travel in retirement differ from the expectation? - Why is discussing finances still taboo and what impact does that have on legacy planning? - Do most retirees wish they had saved more, and what can you learn from their experiences?   Resources for this episode: The Retirement Manifesto’s 9 Retirement Surprises Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies   Want to connect with us? 913-393-4724