Eric Peacock

Lots and lots of movies have soundtracks. Some are classics. Some are bad. But the majority fall somewhere in between. This podcast is going to take a look at all of them (or, as many as I can). Every week I'll be covering a different movie that had an original motion picture soundtrack, and then digging into the album. One part film discussion, one part music discussion, the Soundtracker podcast is here to help you navigate the wide world of movies and music. In each episode, myself and a guest discuss the movie and its soundtrack, rate each one, give you our picks for the best songs on the soundtrack, and suggest additional recommendations for what to watch or listen to in relation to whatever we're covering. So join me, as I look back at an era that's largely a thing of the past, and maybe you'll find a new favorite film or song along the way. New episodes every Friday.

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Episode 0: The Trailer
Aug 23 2021
25 mins
Episode 38: Men in Black (with Jackson Boren)Episode 37: New Jack City (with Andrew Law)Episode 36: Crossroads (with Chris Stedman)Episode 35: Friday (with Ngaio Bealum)Episode 34: The Guest (with Rachel Fisher)Episode 33: Major League (with Jerry Blevins)Episode 32: True Stories (with Alex Riggs)Episode 31: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (with Kaleb Horton and Alan Siegel)Episode 30: Pretty in Pink (with Desi Jedeikin)Episode 29: Purple Rain (with Leslie Lee III)Episode 28: Pump Up the Volume (with Kolleen Carney Hoepfner)Episode 27: Wet Hot American Summer (with Donald Borenstein)Episode 26: Singles (with Andy Levy)Episode 25: Rushmore (with Paul Soter)Episode 24: Married to the Mob (with Drew McWeeny)Episode 23: Boogie Nights (with Nice Mustard)Episode 22: Reservoir Dogs (with Matt Christman)Episode 21: Cruel Intentions (with Jason Kleeberg)Episode 20: Mallrats (with Henry Gilbert)Bonus: "Season 1" Wrap-Up