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Are you struggling to find good listening material for learning Chinese? Are you tired of robotic and boring textbook audio? Chillchat is the answer for you! Our podcasts not only cover vocabulary and grammar, but we also talk about culture, trends, and other useful topics. With our fun and relaxing conversations, Chinese learning is a breeze! You can DOWNLOAD the transcript + study material at: read less

杞人忧天还是未雨绸缪?Are You Being Overly Anxious Or Proactive?
Feb 19 2023
杞人忧天还是未雨绸缪?Are You Being Overly Anxious Or Proactive?
You can ACCESS the【study material+transcript】at 👉🔗 (SAME CONTENT)🌟Try FREE Sample study material here: are the three books mentioned in this episode:Enlightenment Now - Steven Pinker - Marian Tupy, Gale Cooley - Hans Rowling this episode Karen and Baiwei chatted about their struggles with reading news, and finding a balance between being overly worried and prepared in advance. If you enjoy Chillchat and want to use them as a more comprehensive study material, consider becoming our monthly members to have access to transcripts, show notes, bonus episodes, weekly grammar and many more perks!Note: This podcast is intended for language learning ONLY. Not for promoting or criticizing any political party or ideology. Let’s keep it friendly and accessible to all :)Also, all of the experiences are the hosts’ own experiences so please do your own research if you need more information.Get some extra daily learning by following us on:Instagram @chillingchineseYouTube: Chilling ChineseSupport the showYou can ACCESS the【study material+transcript】at 👉🔗 OR (SAME CONTENT)