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ArriveCAN is Dead? - 6CR #168
Sep 30 2022
ArriveCAN is Dead? - 6CR #168
The Canadian government has announced the end to it's vaccine requirement for visitors and the ArriveCAN app will become optional. Darnell & Joel have a conversation addressing the following: What is ArriveCAN?Why was it implemented and how Did ArriveCAN violate the Canadian charter?Why has ArriveCAN become optional?#TrudeauMustGo Video Podcast: us at Produced by Madden Mitchell Media Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic References: Government of Canada to remove COVID-19 border and travel measures effective October 1 Canada To Drop Vaccine Requirement, Make ArriveCan Optional For Travelers Don Martin: Blocked at the border no more: Good riddance to the ArriveCAN app Canada to drop COVID-19 vaccine mandate at border, make ArriveCAN optional: source The ArriveCAN app is about to become optional. Will anyone use it? Trudeau refuses to confirm whether ArriveCAN, COVID vaccine mandates will be lifted after next week ArriveCAN 2.0: Ottawa confirms controversial app will outlast pandemic How Canada stupidly bet its border economy on ArriveCAN — a glitchy $25M app Canadian Charter: Section 7 & Section 8 Video: Daughter asked to put father in her ArriveCAN app Unvaccinated Canadians Defy Stigma in Viral Twitter Trend Western Standard: Martin Belanger explains viral tweet #TrudeauMustGo Original #TrudeauMustGo tweet #TrudeauMustGo vs #IStandWithTrudeau Interview with Keith Wilson - Brian Peckford's Charter Challenge UPDATE - Viva Frei Live Give us your two cents via: Facebook Twitter