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#30 - Addressing Mental Health with Alex from Head Spaces NFT
Jun 11 2022
#30 - Addressing Mental Health with Alex from Head Spaces NFT
Alex joins me for this amazing episode of ZenChats. He created Head Spaces, an NFT project that wants to break down the stigma behind dealing with mental health problems. The Head Spaces project will not only act as a gateway to helpful resources for those who need support and guidance but will re-invest proceeds from the mint and secondary sales into initiatives to directly benefit the holding community.And we're hosting a giveaway together! Here's the Google form where you can register to win a Head Space NFT.I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is in the NFT space. NFT fatigue really is a thing. I hope you enjoy this episode with Alex, and please consider liking and subscribing to the channel - it really helps  🙂Also, you can check out the video version on the ZenAcademy YouTube channel by clicking the link below 🎥Timestamps:0:00 Intro2:01 Alex pre-NFTs4:52 Starting the NFT journey with Head Spaces7:10 Why Mental Health?10:31 What is Head Spaces?19:12 Head Spaces mint23:08 The dark side of instant sold out29:14 How the bear market is changing the NFT space33:52 Biggest mental health issues in web341:21 Mental health & project founders/creators45:56 Where to find Head Spaces & Alex's final wordsHead Spaces:WebsiteHead Spaces TwitterDiscordOpenSeaAlex's TwitterZeneca:TwitterNewsletterWatch this ZenChats episode on YoutubeCourse on how to launch an NFT projectZenAcademy:TwitterDiscordGet a ZA NFT