The MICK Show

The MICK Show

Music connoisseur, DJ, and serial investor, Mick Batyske has his feet planted at the intersection of culture and entrepreneurship. On The MICK Show, listeners are given a laid back look at the lives and businesses of today’s most prominent creatives. With interviews from a variety of musicians, actors, athletes, and CEOs, Mick brings listeners behind the curtain as they learn key life lessons from some of the world’s top culture creators, movers & shakers, and risk takers. read less

Our Editor's Take

Getting an inside look at the lives of creatives and successful entrepreneurs is rare and riveting. While the world sees one side of them, the comprehensive picture is even more fascinating. The MICK Show podcast brings the real-life stories of exciting individuals to light. Listeners get an inside scoop on compelling, successful people.

The MICK Show is a music, culture, and business discussion in podcast form, hosted by Mick Batyske, aka DJ MICK. This podcast goes behind the scenes with prominent, accomplished individuals from a variety of backgrounds to learn what led them to where they are now. Along the way, inspiring stories and advice organically appear.

The MICK Show explores life from all angles. It features interviews with actors, athletes, CEOs, musicians, and more. Each episode offers unique insights, perspectives, and expertise. The guest list is diverse, from Super Bowl winner Martellus Bennett to chef J. J. Johnson. Every guest has an amazing story, personality, and anecdote to share.

Tune in for a casual conversation with some of the world's most interesting people. This podcast packs entertainment, life lessons, and more in every episode. The reasons to tune in are endless, whether it's pure curiosity or business know-how. It's an exploration of culture with the people who shape it. Creativity, raw talent, and perseverance are on full display.

It gives audiences a look behind the curtain, but it's so much more. It's a glimpse at the humanity behind artistry that people often forget. The MICK Show is a podcast that is equal parts laid back and profound.

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