Bannon’s War Room


WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

WarRoom BattleGround EP 55: Famine, Monkey Pox, And Continued Censorship; Redistricting Wins In Florida; Majewski Rebuts CNN Insurrectionist ChargeEpisode 1,872 - Firestorm In Georgia; Biden Administration Caught Lying To America About Energy; The Coming Global Famine; Stern And Precinct Strategy Dominating AmericaEpisode 1,871 - The Coming Global Famine; Pennsylvania Senate Race Dead Heat Goes To Court; Trump Officially All In In GeorgiaEpisode 1,870 - Taking On Facebook At Menlo Park; Breaking Up Big Tech With Anti Trust Legislation; Stripping Former Intel Officers Of Security Clearance For Anti TrumpWarRoom BattleGround EP 54: Live From Menlo Park: Humanity Against Censorship With Nicole Nogrady; The Walk Away Movement From Democrats To MAGAEpisode 1,869 - Live From Georgia; Independent’s Rise Against Newsom;  Censorship Rally Takes Off; Bequette Will Not Back DownEpisode 1,868 - The March On FaceBook Against Censorship And Medical Freedom; The Truth Against AbortionEpisode 1,867 - The Market Is In Free Fall; Dave Brat Live In Studio; Dave Walsh Breaks Down The Energy CrisisWarRoom BattleGround EP 53: Australia Says No To Draconian Global Covid Measures By The WHO; The Ascending Of The Trump Wing Of The Republican Party; Generic Ballot Says MAGA Is Up 12Episode 1,866 - Historic Market Meltdown Analysis And Observations; What’s Next For The American Economy; Disinformation Board Disbanded; Elon Musk Flips To RepublicanEpisode 1,865 - The NYC Governor Race Continues; The Looming Food & Energy Crisis, Mastriano’s Victory Lap; Protect Your Home And IdentityEpisode 1,864 - Ballot Count Stalled in PA Primary; The Biden-Inflation Ravaging the EconomyWarRoom BattleGround EP 52: MAGA Heads To The PollsEpisode 1,863 - Kathy Barnette Live; Christina Bobb On Election Integrity; Elon And Schwab With Joe AllenEpisode 1,862 - The Fight Against WHO And Our Loss Of Sovereignty; Royce White Is The Future Of The Republican Party; The Ministry Of Disinformation Deconstructed; The Emergency Of Infant DeathsEpisode 1,861 - GAME DAY: Idaho, Pennsylvania, North Carolina; Oil Hits Record Highs; The ’Great Replacement Theory’ Is A Lie; Mastriano LiveWarRoom BattleGround EP 51: Idaho, Pennsylvania, Analyzed; Taking On Newsom In California; Rise Of Hispanic MAGA MediaEpisode 1,860 - Elon Musk And Twitter: They’re Playing With Your Pension Funds; The 40 Billion Oligarch Bail Out;  Marxism At The Air Force AcademyEpisode 1,859 - Chicago In Flames, China’s Economy Collapses; America, The World And You; Fareed Zakaria Channels War Room; Biden Shifts America’s Sovereignty To WHOEpisode 1,858 - The Rant Against The Loss Of Our Sovereignty; Rudy/Kerik On The Responsibility Of Letisha James For The Shooter; Why Was The Shooter So Well Trained; Mastriano, Perdue, Barnette Live