Notes On Tour Season 3

Luisa Omielan

SEASON 3 is out now. Join me as i take Bernie and my car and go on a roadtrip around Europe. Doing an awkward route but chasing clubs! Seeking joy and putting on shows wherever they will have me. SEASON 2 is up now! Hello! I am back, it's ten years since What Would Beyonce Do?! and I am turning 40 this year so join me as i embark on a Best of my one woman show, show!! TOUR Season 1 Following me chatting on my stand up tour in Autumn 2021. Hello, I am Luisa Omielan, creator of one woman stand up shows What Would Beyonce Do?!, Am I Right Ladies?! Politics for Bitches and God is a Woman, I am going on tour, the first since lockdown, I have been touring as a comedian since 2012, and i wanted to document the journey with a series of voice notes. This is experimental and for anyone interested in stand up, touring and giant dogs. All tour dates at All images referenced can be found at read less

We were in Paris. -Welcome Back to Notes on Tour. Season 3. Ep 1
May 12 2023
We were in Paris. -Welcome Back to Notes on Tour. Season 3. Ep 1
Hi Gang, Join me and Bernie as we seek joy and any cafe comedy club that will have us. NO YOU TURNED 40 and are having a mid life crisis / adventure. Love to hear your feedback as long as it's not cruel or mental. ThanksBig love xMusic: KATMANDU - Bob SegerEMPTY CANS- The StreetsPLACESMonmarte - Place i Stayed. Saint Chapelle - Stain Glass Chapel (not the gift shop)The Conciergerie _ Creepy prison with big kitchenH么tel des Invalides - My guy Napoleon.La Basilique du Sacr茅 C艙ur de Montmartre - Church who don't like shoulders but is pretty.Palace of Versailles.Louvres. Paris French night - La Pomme D'eve. - It was actually underneath a gothic church.New York British Comedy night. - The Sat oneThe Broadway Comedy Cafe - My showDidnt mention but must got Cemetiere Monmarte. INCREDIBLEFood 馃La Taverna Monmarte for pure cheese fest.馃L'Atelier Ramey for epic onion soup. I mean where else do they give you a slice of cheese on toast and a shot of cheese. Unreal!馃崿Les Choupette le Chouchou where you pick the profiteroles and they pipe fresh chantilly cream right in front of you!馃嵃Boris Lume Boulangerie for the best tarte citron馃嵆Devotions cafe for Turkish eggs. Like legit, best breakfast ever.馃Anywhere on Rue Euguene Sue for pizza. Brace yourself. It's massive.馃嵏And le Tres Particulier for the most gorgeous lil secret garden cocktail bar. They kinda look at you like they hate you when you walk in but thats everywhere in Paris. Ot becomes quite charming!Next date is Milan on Sunday 14th May. All dates Luisa