Practicology Podcast

Matthew Cain & Mike Knox

There’s enough disorder in life without disconnecting what you believe from how you live. The Practicology Podcast is bridging the gap between Scripture and every day life.

PP069 Anxiety Awareness: Getting Your Feet WetPP068 What an Awesome PlacePP067 “Hi How Are You?” Why Small Talk Is a Big DealPP066 A People to Whom You CommitPP065 Finding FriendsPP064 A Very Special BuildingPP063 Art and the CrossPP062 God is a GardenerPP061 Art and the ChristianPP060 A Toolkit for Post-COVID RecoveryPP059 How Christ Makes Hell Serve His PeoplePP058 Christians Are Called SaintsPP057 Repentance and FaithPP056 My Chains Are Gone, I’ve Been RedeemedPP055 The Joy of Justification by FaithPP054 How the Captivating Holiness of God Can Set Us FreePP053 Habits of Grace: Practical Help for GivingPP052 Habits of Grace: The Joy of GivingPP051 Habits of Grace: Meditation & PrayerPP050 Habits of Grace: Gathering with the Church