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The Awards Chatter podcast interviews the talent at the center of awards season. Its host is awards analyst Scott Feinberg. He has led coverage for The Hollywood Reporter for over a decade. In 2015, Scott started sharing his star-studded conversations in this entertaining podcast. He doesn't only interview the actors and actresses behind the year's most exciting films. Scott also talks to directors, musicians, and producers involved in the biggest movies. Guests include Julianne Moore, Tim Burton, and Shonda Rhimes.

In one podcast episode, Scott talks to musicians Billie Eilish and Finneas. The sibling duo wrote "What Was I Made For?" for the 2023 movie Barbie. After viewing the film with director Greta Gerwig, they said they had to write an original song about it. Finneas discusses the challenge of creating something worthy of being in the film. The siblings also discuss what it's like writing songs for movies and how satisfying they find it. Billie admits that it never works when she writes music she thinks her audience will like. She has to remind herself to always create for herself, which is why her audience enjoys it.

In another podcast episode, Scott chats with Martin Scorsese. He has directed classics like Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull. In 2023, he talks about Scott about his movie Killers of the Flower Moon. Martin discusses developing bonds with some of his regular stars, like Robert De Niro. He explains how the elements all came together in the film after the idea for it changed halfway through. Scott also goes back to the director's childhood. He asks him to reflect on the health problems that restricted much of his early life. Martin reveals how going to the movie theater was like attending church. He saw it as a place of vivid creativity and storytelling.

The Awards Chatter podcast shares insightful conversations about some of the greatest movies. Scott chats to the artists about their work, as well as their fascinating lives. Listeners can learn about the world of famous directors and where songwriters get their inspiration. It's an ideal podcast for anyone fascinated by movies. New episodes premiere depending on the awards season.

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