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Everything with Intention
Mar 9 2023
Everything with Intention
Sara James describes what it is to be a deliberate creator/multipotentialite.Get to know her life's journey of self reflection and self assessment, energy guidance and mindset through the ups and downs.About Sara James:“I Am A Creator. I've been building, creating, or designing pretty much most of my life, as a hobby, a career, and a life passion. I learned my early skills of carpentry from my family, my Father mainly. My first job was working as his assistant as a handyman when I was around 8, and that's when I learned how to cut and lay tile, put up drywall, shingle a roof, install a toilet and perform a number of various skills that I would find pretty useful throughout my life. As a creator, I've always enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty. Whether it's building a table, building my website, or building the path for my Entelechy as a diving being to flourish. I find that the more challenges I take on, the more I want to be challenged. I've had many jobs in my life and traveled to many places, and I'm always open to new opportunities for self growth, meeting new people, and learning a new skill.  Currently my passions largely revolve around My relationship, Meditating, Woodworking, Interior Design, Playing with my dog Emerson, Building community, Event Planning/ Decorating, and finding ways to use reclaimed wood.  I am open to all new possibilities- Events, Interior design, Custom built pieces or Pallet Walls, etc~Give me a challenge and I'll run with it. I put a lot of time and energy into everything I create. Currently I'm in the process of building my website and starting a podcast.”Learn more about Sara, visit:Watch Her Show Reel at: learn more, visit: Listen to more episodes on Mission