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How the 'Little Things' Make your College Essay Stand Out
Oct 19 2022
How the 'Little Things' Make your College Essay Stand Out
Looking for that unique twist to make your college essay stand out? 🌟 It might be in your niche laptop stickers or celeb fandom! In this episode, we'll talk with Tom from the College Essay Guy Team about how the little things in your life can be essay inspiration, and small tweaks to make your essay really stand out. Tom Campbell is a Community Manager with the College Essay Guy Team. With years of admissions experience at Pomona College and College of the Holy Cross, Tom brings such valuable experience and shares those insider insights that could make a huge difference in your college essay!Resources from College Essay Guy we mention: Blog: The Values Exercise (at 12:06)Blog: Essence Objects Exercises (at 13:51)Blog: 27 Outstanding Personal Statement ExamplesIncludes the Laptop Sticker and iTaylor sample personal statements (at 15:17 and 20:58)YouTube: How to Outline & Structure Your College EssayOverviews the Narrative and Montage paths (at 23:20)Podcast: Using the Secrets of Screenwriting to Write Your College EssayMore details about the "Pixar" structure/Narrative structure from Ethan (at 24:03)Blog: How to "Show Don't Tell" in College EssaysGreat tips on how to bring small "nuggets of gold" and specific details to your personal statement during the final revision stagesJoin the College Essay Guy Students-Only DiscordJoin the College Essay Guy Parent CommunityFollow us on Instagram!Learn more about Scoir