Snapped: Women Who Murder


For the first time ever, full Snapped episodes are now a podcast. Subscribe to this true crime podcast for the direct audio from the original Snapped episodes that have aired on Oxygen over the last 29 seasons (and counting)! Now you can enjoy Snapped episodes in your headphones, in your car, or at the gym. New true crime episodes of Snapped: Women Who Murder are released every Sunday.

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Our Editor's Take

The Oxygen network has long been well-known for its high-quality true crime programming. Snapped: Women Who Murder is the podcast version of the popular TV show. The program is the longest-running series on the Oxygen network and is its flagship show.

Snapped: Women Who Murder focuses on riveting true stories of women who commit murder. The reasons for these crimes vary. For some killers, it's a business proposition. They hope to gain a financial windfall from their crimes and run off with the money afterward. For others, the reasons are far more personal, as the killer wishes to take revenge against a cheating significant other. In some of the most harrowing episodes of the podcast, a woman is trying to escape an abusive partner. Whatever their reasons, these women all were ultimately driven to murder.

The podcast features interviews with those impacted. This includes the victim's friends and family. Law enforcement personnel who worked on these cases often help provide insight also. The show does an excellent job of looking at each woman as an individual. Some of these women had far more defensible reasons for their crimes than others. The podcast attempts to humanize these women and not write them off as "hysterical."

Snapped: Women Who Murder is an excellent companion piece to the television show. New episodes of the podcast premiere on Sundays. The show is not episodic, so listeners can choose episodes in any order they desire. For those looking for a reliable true crime podcast, Snapped: Women Who Murder fits the bill.

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