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Jill Schiefelbein

Effective communication is often the difference between success and failure. Do you feel confident communicating when the stakes are high? Are you ready to get up in front of any audience at a moment's notice? Do you realize that not saying anything is communicating something? Communication Nation will expand your understanding of different communication practices and how they affect day-to-day business operations and relationships. At the root of every management and relational issue lies a communication problem, but many don't understand how communication affects an organization's bottom line. Show topics have a direct impact on business productivity and profitability. We bring these issues to the surface, educating and giving practical advice that can be immediately applied in personal and professional contexts. That's Communication Nation. read less


Special Encore Presentation: Communication and Digital Government
Sep 24 2013
Special Encore Presentation: Communication and Digital Government
Being in charge isn't always easy. But this week's Communication Nation guest, Gilbert, Arizona Mayor John Lewis, makes it look that way! With a population of nearly 225,000, the town of Gilbert boasts the recent honors of the 5th safest community in the nation (according to Business Insider) and the 36th best place to live in the nation (Money Magazine). Gilbert, Arizona is positioning itself to become a national leader in Digital Government. By unlocking public records, maximizing social media outreach and utilizing high-quality, dynamic video story-telling, the Gilbert Digital team is connecting with residents, staff and visitors by providing them with tools to become more involved in their community and assist with their daily lives. Modeled after New York City, Gilbert’s digital initiatives are focused on communication, technology, transparency and collaborative community development. The Digital Communications department was created exactly one year ago with the hiring of the Town’s first Chief Digital Officer. This year, the office created and premiered the first-ever Digital State of the Town, a 22-minute documentary produced entirely in-house. This allowed people from Gilbert, across Arizona and around the country to view the address from their home, desktop, or even their phones, without having to attend an event. You can watch the video at the Town’s website: State of the Town: Gilbert,AZ Join guest Mayor Lewis and host Jill Schiefelbein as we discuss how digital technologies have changed the way governments operate.