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Sophia Estrella, Career & Business Coach, faith based

Hey Amiga, Welcome to Amiga Rise Up! I’m Sophia Estrella, the host of this podcast and a Puerto Rican from Chicago who loves Jesus and coffee. I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, business and career coach. Just like you, I’ve been in a place where I’ve questioned God on what my calling is or I’ve felt stagnant knowing that there had to be more to my life. I’ve been in a place where I lost sight of who God has called me to be and stuck in doubt or fear to take a risk and take the next steps. Forgetting to walk in the boldness and authority he’s given me. Not anymore!! I know what needs to be done to rise up. My heart is to help women like you transition into the career or business that aligns with your calling so that you can walk in the authority and influence God intends for you. When you listen to this podcast, you’ll learn that you and what you do are part of a much bigger plan. You’ll learn that what God has called you to do in this season matters and that you have the ability to leave legacies where you are and change entire environments for his glory. There is more for you Amiga and if you’re ready to find out what “the more” is and Rise Up the way God intended, Join me! Let’s do this!! website: www.kingdomcareerandcalling.comInstagram: sestrella6 read less


S1 Ep 3 If I come from a jacked up family will God still use me? Do I still have a calling?
Sep 12 2022
S1 Ep 3 If I come from a jacked up family will God still use me? Do I still have a calling?
Hey Amiga!  Have you ever questioned whether God can use you because you feel like you or your family haven't met a certain standard that you perceive God wants.  You disqualify yourself because you think things are too bad and you have no idea how God can use what you and you're family have been through for his glory.  The thing is Amiga, he uses it all!! In this episode,  I’m going to focus on your calling when it pertains to the Mountain or area of Family.  Today will be the first episode of a 2 part series.  You’ll hear my personal story as well as the steps to take as a believer to infiltrate your family and break generational curses. We’ll definitely answer the question, if God can still use you even if your family is a mess. I’ll also walk you through a small activity that I believe the Holy Spirit will use to enlighten you about your birth family and current family and the generational curses that have already shown themselves.  Are you ready Amiga?  Let's Do This!!If after listening to this or any episode and  you want to chat, feel free to schedule a free 30 minute ignite your calling zoom call with me by clicking this link: free to join me on instagram at facebook at can also check out my website for additional programs to bring your calling to life God's way!! Click here: http://www.kingdomcareerandcalling.comLove your Amiga,Sophia